Shoulder Pain

Chiropractors will always seek to treat shoulder pain with the most gentle and drug-free methods possible. The ultimate goal of chiropractic care for shoulder pain is to bring the patient's shoulder back to full function while reducing and eliminating the pain caused by the injury.

The shoulder joint is an incredibly complex area of the body. It has an immense amount of flexibility but the flexibility comes at the price of instability and is one of the easiest joints to dislocate. The shoulder has been described as a golf ball on a tee, only held together by muscle.

Pain from this region of the body can be caused by sporting injuries, car crashes to long term problems like arthritis. It is definitely a part of the body that gets taken for granted. A shoulder injury can make the simplest of tasks incredibly difficult and the intensity of pain debilitating.


Some signs that shoulder pain needs immediate attention may include a decreased ability to hold objects, decreased functioning of the arm, shoulder pain that persists even while at rest, shoulder pain that lasts more than a day or two, and unusual twinges or aches in the shoulder area.


Chiropractic treatment of the shoulder can be extremely effective, but this relies upon a good diagnosis. The right treatment can only be applied when the right diagnosis is made. As the shoulder is such a complex joint we often see patients who have had several different treatments without improvement. At Derby Chiropractic we spend the time getting a detailed history and a thorough examination so we can get it right. 

Care for an injured shoulder may include application of heat, application of ice packs, gentle manipulation from the chiropractor to help the shoulder return to its original state of functionality, and gentle stretching and strengthening exercises that the patient can perform at home.