Many of our patients seek chiropractic to help with their arthritis. Some might think that chiropractors can get rid of arthritis, but in fact, what we do is very different than a cure. First, let’s understand what exactly arthritis is.

Hot, Painful Joint Problems

“Arth” means joint, and “itis’ means inflammation of. It makes perfect sense that arthritis is the inflammation of the joint. It’s not a certain type of pain or disease like many might think. The joint swells and is red and hot. When this swelling occurs over a long period of time, pressure is created, which then causes pain. If it’s left alone, the joints are damaged and destroyed over time.

There are also different types of arthritis, such as rheumatic, psoriatic and degenerative. Degenerative is the most common type that we see.

A Full-body Health Practitioner

The question remains, what can we as chiropractors do for arthritis? First, let’s take it back to the basics. Chiropractors work with the joints of the spine and extremities. When inflammation is present in the body, certain chemicals are released by the body and it starts to deposit calcium in the joint, causing bone spurs and other problems that cause the joints to break down.

Preventing Damage

We’ll be the first to admit that arthritis can’t be cured, even by chiropractic. What we can do is prevent the damage arthritis creates. If a joint is fixated and out of alignment, it’s not working the way it should. The stuck or uneven surfaces will begin to grind. This grinding causes inflammation, leading to arthritis and if left untreated, joint damage results.

The Crucial Time Frame

If we can allow for proper alignment and function, we will have stopped the process that was causing the arthritis in the first place. Studies show that when a joint is stuck for seven days or longer, it causes microtears in the disc. These tears mean the disc is breaking down and decaying, causing arthritis.

We’ll make sure your joints are never fixated for more than those crucial seven days, preventing deterioration. We suggest arthritis patients see us regularly, and will make your personalized recommendations for care after thoroughly assessing your case.